To the Pet Store Batman!

My sister and I took a trip to our local Petsmart along with my niece yesterday because I need to pick up some supplies for Cupcake, my betta fish (hey, I let the five year old name it, alright? She said he looked like a cupcake with sprinkles so there). While we were there, there were several pet rescues who had brought along dogs and cats there available for adoption.  I actually have not been in close contact with any dogs since Scarlett passed. Part of the reason is simply because there were no dogs for me to be around, and I think another part of the reason has been that I was not quite sure I was even ready, and even today I don’t know if I have an accurate description for the feelings that were coming up inside me. My niece was allowed to interact with a few of the dogs that were there and the only way I know to describe myself while I was watching her do so was disconnected, not exactly sure what would happen if I myself reached out to pet one of those dogs. Has anyone else ever experienced anything like that?

With that over, I went about what business I need to take care of on the opposite end of the store and we left. Later on in the evening, we were at another store doing some more shopping when my mother came across a firey orange male Betta fish that she decided to name Blaze, and he now has a nice home in our living room. Bettas are cool little pets to have around, and can be quite fun if you take care of them properly. I have had several Bettas (both male and female) over the years and I have loved every single one of them and they each had their own little personalities to boot. There was Blue, who was my very first, and Bella who was my first female. I remember I had to keep her in a tank with a secure lid on it because she was prone to jumping (I learned how to catch real quick), and then there was Bruiser who was so aptly named due to the fact that he was literally black and blue….and so on and so forth. Each one was well loved and they all lived very full lifespans. It just so happens that right now Cupcake and Blaze are the current Betta kings in this household. I will try and post pictures of the two of them when I can manage it as sometimes taking pictures of fish can be actually be a bit tricky, but I will do the best that I can.

In the meantime, keep your tail waggin’, and please feel free to leave me a comment!


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