Moving Foward

“Just keep swimming…”

Isn’t that what Dory from Finding Nemo says? And on that note, is anyone out there as excited for Finding Dory as I am? Maybe..maybe not. But c’mon, it’s DORY! How can you not be excited about Dory.

Disney fish aside…my little Cupcake Betta fish swam his way across Rainbow Bridge a day ago and it made me think of a conversation that I was in the other day. There have been a great many people who have been buying my book lately (thank you people!) and I just happened to make a comment about how I hoped that the book will help, even if the beloved pet who was gone was not a dog or a cat.

“I hope it helps, even if it was their pet goldfish,” I said.

“Well, I don’t think I’ve ever bonded with a goldfish,” came the reply from the person that I was talking to. At the mention of the fact that I had Bettas, another person in the room spoke up and said, “oh you bond with Bettas.”

“You do,” I said. “They are very charismatic little fish.” And the truth is that they are. I loved my little Cupcake, so named by my niece because she thought he, “looked like a cupcake with sprinkles.” And I guess he kind of did. He was white with blue splotches all over and a blue tail. Unfortunately, I never got around to taking any pictures of him. I remember when we first bought him, my niece helped me pick him out and as we were heading back to the rest of the group I explained to her that, like Scarlett, Cupcake (and any other fish we had) would eventually make their own way across Rainbow Bridge and do you want to know what her response was? This was her response:

“Yes but, we’ll love him and take care of him as long as we have him.”

My niece is only five right now and so I guess you can imagine my reaction. I feel as if this statement is proof that young children know and realize more than we adults think that they do, so it is very important that whenever conversations come up like this, it is important to be a straight with them as you possibly can be. Of course, they are young so I don’t suggest everything be doom and gloom, but don’t lie to them either and don’t try to hide anything from them, because it only makes it worse when they find out. Of course, I am not expert in child psychology, and I certainly don’t have any children of my own so who am I to really say? This is just what I feel.

Back to Dory…personally, Dory’s got it right. Everyone goes through a rough patch, especially if they’ve lost a loved one (both animal and/or human), and although it might seem you’re swimming through a rough current, the best thing to do is to just keep swimming, and to always try to remember that if you are ever in need of a life preserver, don’t be afraid to call out for one and try and get the support that you need.

Keep your tail waggin’!


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