Life is Precious

The reason why I chose this title for this week’s blog post is because there are things that have been happening this week that have prompted me to think about how much truth there is in that statement.This last week a person who has always been very nice to me passed away in a horrible accident which happened very suddenly. A gorilla named Mia Moja at the Louisville Zoo in Kentucky passed away suddenly after having to have an emergency c-section. At the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle Washington, an adult male orangutan named Towan who served as the main inspiration for actress Karin Konoval’s  stunning motion capture performance as Maurice the orangutan in the new Planet of the Apes films, died during a medical procedure to try and figure out how to treat respiratory issues that he had been having the last few days.


It hasn’t exactly been the easiest of weeks around here because of certain recent events that have happened and my sincerest condolences go out to those readers out there who might be going through something similar. I know I am no expert, but this blog is also meant to be a place of support for those that may feel that they need it as it is sometimes can make people feel better, knowing that there are others out there who share their pain.

And remember, life is short so always keep your tail waggin’.



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