June is National Pet Adoption Month!

Now that June is here, some people may be feeling that the start of summer has officially arrived. For the pet lovers out there, June is also National Pet Adoption Month! I’ve always been big advocate for adoption. My girl, Scarlett, was adopted from  Cobb County Animal Control in Marietta, Georgia 14 years ago. In fact, I revisited the animal shelter just a few weeks ago and I very nearly cried. I’m pretty sure it was a combination of knowing that this was the place that I found my best friend as well as the fact that there were so many dogs and cats there! I learned later that 50 dogs and cats were adopted out that day, which made me rather happy, but I was also rather saddened to remember that for every dog and cat that gets adopted from an animal shelter or rescue, one more is already there to take its place. Let’s look at it this way though: when you adopt from a rescue, you are not only adopting a new best friend, but you are also potentially saving the life of another as well. When you adopt from a rescue, that frees up space in that rescue to bring in another dog or cat out of an animal shelter and placing them in loving foster homes where they will get the tlc that they need before going to their forever homes. When the rescues are able to obtain more animals out of the animal shelters, that also helps free up space in those animal shelters so that can make more room for other animals in need. So basically, when you adopt from a rescue, or even directly from an animal shelter, you are not just saving one life, but you could be saving as many as 3 (albeit, indirectly of course)!

In honor of this month, I have decided to create a board on Pinterest: Scarlett’s Rescue Friends, in which I will try to update regularly with pictures of other animals that are in desperate need of loving, furrever homes. I will probably end up sticking to animals mostly of the dog and cat variety, but I do know that there are other types of animals that are in need of homes as well, so I will also be doing my best to post pictures of them too. There are also a few items of The Tail of Scarlett merchandise now available for sale in my shop on CafePress: Nature’s Wonder. More items will be added very soon so please feel free to head on over there and check them out (and also feel free to check out the other items that are for sale throughout the store as well!). Also, a few days ago someone suggested to me that it might be a good idea for me to place individual prints of the illustrations from The Tail of Scarlett up for sale for those that might like to own an individual print from the book, so I decided to set up shop on Etsy. Please note that all prints are only available for digital download (at least for the moment they are).

Until next time: always keep your tail waggin’!





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