A View From the Cockpit

It’s been a busy last couple of days here at the house. Having Pilot around has certainly changed a great many things.

"I'm a TMNT fan."

He wakes me up promptly at 6:30 almost every morning (7 AM if I’m lucky), and is in bed by 9:30 at night (with a few naps squeezed in here and there throughout the day). I take him with me to my sister’s house every morning and he has fun time with everyone there. He’s a very interesting pup to be around that’s for sure. At my house he is rather calm, although he does play, but at my sister’s house he is constantly on the go, pin balling off of everything in her living room.

I AM the baby of the family after all.

I’m also fairly certain he thinks he’s a human. His favorite thing to do is to be cradled in my sister’s lap and have a chew toy in his mouth….holding it in his paws.

Fairly soon I’m going to have to start looking into training classes for the little guy and I will post more updates on what’s going on at that front soon. Last night I had my first real scare though when he got stung on the face by wasp. Poor little thing jumped as high as he could and then ran to me shaking. He was rushed to the nearby emergency vet where he was given some medication through injection to prevent anything worse. He’s been doing well though and there hasn’t been any reaction. He did sleep most of the day though.



Meanwhile on the book front, everything is going pretty well. I just did a book sale at the very shelter that Scarlett was adopted from and was able to meet some very nice people. Pilot even came by for a minute to help me out.

Don't I look author-rey?

I may have some other events that I will have lined up which I will add to the calendar as soon as I book them. That’s all for now though. Until next time….

Always keep your tail waggin’!


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