Never a Replacement

The other day my now six year old niece came up and asked this question: “is Scarlett sad that we replaced her?”

At first I was not quite sure how in the world I was supposed to answer her. The question was so out if the blue it actually hit me rather hard, but knowing my niece she would expect an answer so I knew that I would have to do my best to give her one.

“No honey,” I said. “I do not think that Scarlett would be sad, because we did not replace her. We will never be able to replace her. Just know that when we adopted Scarlett, she was just a little puppy who needed a home (this was in 2001) and someone to love her and that’s what we did. And when we got Pilot he was also a little puppy who needed a home and someone to love him, and so that is what we will do. Scarlett will always have a place in our hearts and we are not replacing her, we are just giving another puppy the same chance that she had.”
If there is one thing I want my readers to remember,  it is what I said above. When a beloved pet passes away, you are not replacing them by going out and adopting another, you are simply expanding the room in your heart. 
Keep your tail waggin’.

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