Pilot Wear

Hey ya’ll!

Pilot and I have been busy these last few weeks, which is why you haven’t been seeing any posts lately if you’ve been looking for updates. Let me give you a little rundown (or basically my list of excuses for not posting, lol):

1.) Pilot has been taking puppy training classes at Petsmart and is now an official graduate! img_1307


2.) Pilot actually went on his first big trip! Blue Ridge, Ga is a very dog friendly town and many of the stores will actually allow you to bring your dogs in (depending on their size), and your dog can even join you as you’re dining out on many of the town’s restaurant patios. Also, should you decide to spend the night, Blue Ridge has plenty of choices to bring your pet companions along. If you’re interested, check out the website, http://www.bringfido.com and just search Blue Ridge, GA for a full list of places.


3.) Instagram! I Pilot has been trying (*wink wink*) to ramp  up his antics on Instagram in the last few days. If you want to follow him and see everything that we’ve both been up to, give Pilot a follow! His handle is: @pilottheflyingace. No seriously, go follow him!


4.) August 23rd book signing event at the Book Exchange went really well I think. Got to meet a great many people who also love books and I also managed to get my hands on a copy of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. So that was a win win! I also made purchases from some of the other authors that were there. #Shoplocal #Supportindependentbookstores


5.) Pilot Wear! Little known fact, I also have a little store on CafePress called Nature’s Wonder and it was decided a few weeks ago that I should pay homage to my tiny friend. Therefore Pilot Wear was created! Pilot Wear is a unique line of clothing (and a few other things) that pays tribute to pets and the human’s they befriend. So head on over there and check it out if you like! More designs should be coming soon.

6.) Oh…and this happened: Pilot made his YouTube debut! This is what Pilot does when he’s no longer interested in his food, lol. He tries to save it for later! Let’s see how many views the little guy can get! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwP2frGP5o4


So far, those are the only things. I will do my best to post more regularly in the future. In the meantime please follow Pilot on Instagram if you would like more regular updates on his antics (let’s see how many follows he can get! Please share).


Keep your tail waggin’!


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