Project P

“I was nice enough to wait five whole minutes after this picture was taken before tearing the stem off of this pumpkin toy.” – Pilot


So, I have an announcement to make. Pilot and I have been “working together” on a project that we can’t quite reveal the name of yet,  BUT if anyone is interested, rest assured that it should be coming out soon (I will announce an official date once it’s completely finished). So far, it’s been a fairly exciting process and I can guarantee that both Pilot and I are having a hard time waiting for it to be finished so that we can unleash (see what I did there?) onto the world. mission-top-secret-stamp-clipart-1

For right now, we’re just calling it “Project P”, but as soon as it is completely finished and ready to be released it will, hopefully, have a different name. But for now, you’ll just have to wait!

In other news….

Pilot has moved on from the Puppy Level classes at Petsmart and has now moved onto the Intermediate Level training classes and he seems to be doing fairly okay. He is learning how to heel (where he stays right by my leg as we are walking), to wait at doors without rushing outside (helpful if I’m trying to do fifty other things as well as try to take care of him), and he should be working on his sitting/down/stay. We haven’t been doing much training this week because there have been some personal things going on that I don’t think I should reveal here as that story really is not my story to tell.

Also, as a reminder if you would like to follow me and Pilot elsewhere but don’t know where to go here is a list of links:

The Official The Tail of Scarlett FB Page.

Pilot’s Instagram (Yes, Pilot has his own Instagram because he’s such a diva. Click the link to follow his antics!) Interested in becoming a member of the “Pilot Posse?” Click here to check out the Pilot Wear section of the Nature’s Wonder CafePress store. You can also pick up some other really cool things there as well (such as The Tail of Scarlett merch) if you are interested. Proceeds from all Pilot Wear purchases will be donated to reputable animal rescue organizations and shelters. I’m thinking of featuring different ones on a regular basis.

My Twitter


To purchase a copy of The Tail of Scarlett book click here.

That’s all for now! Remember, always keep your tail waggin’!

Gail (and Pilot too!)

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