Santa Paws

Hi everyone!

So, the holidays are fast approaching (only ten more sleeps until Christmas!) and in the last week or so things have been extremely busy.

So, some time ago my niece was promised that this year we would take her to Walt Disney World at the beginning of Dec. Unfortunately, Pilot could not come with us (I would have brought him in a heartbeat if I could have, but unfortunately that was a no go).

My prince has four legs and a tail.

Fortunately for me, the wonderful staff at Bullard Animal Hospital here in GA were able to care for him while I was gone and I was able to check on him often. He was a little excitable when he came back home, as was expected from being boarded all week, BUT the Saturday after I picked him up he took his final exam for the intermediate level classes at Petsmart and he passed! Unfortunately, for some reason I could not get the actual photo posted in here, so if you would like to see the little guy (sorta) wearing his graduation cap, you’ll have to click here.

Last night, I looked through a box that I happened to have in my bedroom, and I saw that I just happened to have 15 copies of The Tail of Scarlett. So, today I took them all down to my local Toys for Tots donation location. Hopefully, whichever child is fortunate enough to receive a copy of the book will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Which reminds me….


Today my niece, Pilot,and I stopped by Douglas Co. Animal Shelter in Douglasville, GA. which is the shelter that rescued Pilot and his brothers and sisters back in June. The dogs there are looking to fill their stockings for Christmas! In their main kennels each dog has a stocking. The dogs will take the stockings home with them when they are adopted. My niece and I filled the stocking of a sweet, SWEET husky named Blitzen and and the stockings of all of the puppies. They are accepting donations from now until at least Christmas. Such a great idea! You can check out the video here. If you wish to know which one is Blitzen, he makes an appearance around the 3:40 mark. But wait…where is the announcement? My announcement is that if you decide to purchase a copy of my book, The Tail of Scarlett, EVERY bit of your purchase will go to help fill more stockings at the Douglas County Animal shelter so that all of the animals will be able to go home with brand new toys and treats for Christmas.wp-1467348862718.jpgIF you would like to make a purchase, the link can be found right here. I am also going to be attempting to raise money through Pilot’s Pilot Wear line on Cafepress. Same thing applies: any profits made from purchases will be donated to helping to fill the stockings of all of the dogs. If you would like to take a glance at the selection (and Pilot would be very glad if you did), you can find the link here at the Nature’s Wonder Cafepress store. Just click on the Pilot Wear section. Will ya’ll help me make sure that every dog has a full stocking for Christmas? I hope so!

Wanna keep up with more of Pilot’s antics? Follow him on Instagram (@pilottheflyingace)!

Keep your tail waggin!

Gail (and Pilot too!)




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